About Us

Cinemalive initiated as website design and development company. With the spectacular growth of online businesses and mobile revolution, we expanded our services to provide full-fledged digital marketing solutions serving clients across the world. Innovative thought process and creative ideologies fostered to extend our services to e-commerce solutions, website design, development, digital marketing, mobile application, domain registration, Facebook marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM and web hosting.

Who we are

Our creative professionals are skillful in revolutionary ideas; bestow clients with resourceful interactive websites and mobile applications. We provide business strategies, digital marketing and SEO services to build online presence and deliver target oriented results. We are for those who wish to do things differently.

What we do

As digital marketers, we believe every Challenge can be solved by a Simple Idea. The greatest ideas are born from imagination, evolved into strategy with the latest technology, along with a focus on innovative interaction design. We believe in target-oriented results, simple yet sophisticated concepts with innovative technologies.

How we work

Our agile development methodologies with adaptive approach enable us to craft the software according to our client’s business requirements. Throughout the project process, customer will have constant updates right from design to delivery. Understanding client needs at regular intervals helps us to deliver project at accelerate rate.

Who we partner with

Our client base is as diversified as our global network. We have wide range of experience working with organizations, companies and leading corporations delivering web design, development and real time results through digital marketing solutions. Our passion is to ensure our partners receive ongoing service throughout process